Technology in 2020 – Making Life Easier or Making People Lazier?


    The year 2020 is here and without a doubt, we all know that technology is improving at a rate higher than ever before. All leading tech companies are racing each other in designing all new smarter, cooler and more innovative technological devices to become a major part of our daily lives. These technological advancements are found in a wide variety of things that we use as part of our daily activities, like cars, mobile devices, gaming, in-house appliances and much more.

    Some of the advancements in technology give us the ability to experience activities which in the past were only available at certain places, from wherever we are whenever we want, for example, gambling and sports betting only used to be found in bars or casinos, and now you can find anything you like related to them with a just tap on your phone. If you want to learn more about sports betting, particularly for cricket, check out some cricket betting tips to learn all about the platform and even try it out.

    As we all know, all these improvements in the technology we use every day have two major outcomes in our lives. Making life easier for us and making us lazier by the minute. The question is, is it good or bad for us? It’s both. Tech Producers and designers are always looking to make their technological devices more approachable, easy to use and generally satisfying to look at, and the more futuristic they feel and look, the higher the demand they will create. Why is this?

    The human brain works in mysterious ways. One of the features it has unlike any other sentient being is the need for change. If there’s one thing that every human being undergoes at least once in their lives, it’s change. Life around the human being is constantly evolving. Some of these changes are found constantly in technology that helps us live our day by day lives. Cell phones are always becoming more compact, containing larger amounts of digital storage and bigger displays. Cars are becoming more and more economical and even starting to drive themselves. Gaming is becoming more impressive than ever before with all-new gaming consoles coming out, supporting higher resolutions and going deeper and deeper into the  Virtual Reality world. House appliances are becoming usable by a tap on a phone or calling out a simple phrase to Alexa– a device which syncs with everything with connectivity in your house.

    These advancements in technology certainly have a lot of potentials to change our lives forever, whether they are good or bad for us is mainly our choice, some of us will keep taking full advantage of technology and become lazier and lazier, while others will keep themselves in a healthy state and keep control no matter how convenient the advancements are, which one will you be?

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