PlayStation Store Will Now Sell Hardware Also; Controllers, Physical Games And More

Sony has announced that starting today, players will be able to buy official PlayStation hardware directly from their digital store. This includes Dualshock controllers, physical copies of games as well as the consoles themselves. While the update is only live for consumers in the US, we expect the new change to come to other countries soon.

PS4 PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation Store
PlayStation 4

As for the pricing of products, Sony notes that it will be the same as that in its partnered stores, with some exclusive launch offers to mark the inauguration. Additionally, PlayStation Plus members will also get free 1-Day shipping, similar to Amazon Prime, if they order from the PlayStation Store directly. The launch offers include:

  • PlayStation 4 + a 12-month subscription of PS Plus for $339.99 USD (20% off)
  • PlayStation 4 Pro + a 12-month subscription of PS Plus for $429.99 USD (30% off)
PlayStation Exclusive title: The Last of Us Part 2

While these deals are great, you’ll also be able to pick up a bunch of PlayStation exclusive titles like The Last of Us or God of War in their physical form. With so many companies and stores adopting the digital model of selling games, it’s refreshing to see PlayStation still pushing for physical copies of their high-quality single-player games, something which is getting rarer by the day.

With the new hardware storefront and a new State of Play set to be broadcast later this week, I think it’s safe to guess that the coveted launch of the next-generation PS5 console will also see its first round of sales on the PlayStation store.

You can find these deals, along with the newly launched hardware storefront right here.

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