Intel’s Upcoming 5 Core Lakefield CPU Leaked: Appears On GB5 Database


    Intel recently announced its 3D stacking Foveros tech at Hot Chips 31, wherein they showed their roadmap for the Lakefield CPUs which will power ultrabooks with very low power dissipation, thanks to the die to die interconnects that come with the 3D stacking tech.

    In what appears to be leaked info from GB5 database, this 5 core CPU codenamed 806A1 has made its appearance with a base frequency of 3.11 GHz. This processor might be one of the first commercial Lakefield CPU which uses the Foveros tech, here’s why.

    According to the Geekbench, the CPU has a single-core score of 506, and a multi-core score of 1047. These scores make it pretty clear that the processor is meant for low power ultrabooks and notebooks. Furthermore, there have been talks about incorporating L3 cache in the low-end Lakefield CPUs and the GB5 database shows the existence of the same in this processor. According to the info, the codenamed 806A1 CPU will have an L3 cache of 4MB. These data points make us believe that this bizarre 5 core CPU is in fact, the upcoming Lakefield processor which will probably run on 4 Tremont cores and 1 Sunny Cove core. Here’s the complete leaked datasheet.

    Although the leaked information above is pretty convincing, take it with a grain of salt. The Lakefield CPUs will support LPDDR4X memory with clock speeds up to 4266 MHz and run at a TDP of 5W and 7W. We can expect the Lakefield CPUs in Q4 2019.

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