SanDisk and Micron Unveil World’s First 1 TB microSD Cards

    microSD Cards

    With 2019 smartphones supporting as much as 512GB of expandable memory via MicroSD cards, it’s pretty safe to say that one can never really have too much of storage. That’s why SanDisk and Micron went a step further and announced the world’s first 1TB microSD cards at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2019.

    Sandisk 1 TB microSD Card
    Image Source: Western Digital

    Both the chips represent the pinnacle of technology in the world of expandable storage. The previous highest capacity of a microSD was seen last year when UK-based company, Integral Memory came out with a 512 GB SD card. SanDisk announced a 512GB SD card too, along with the 1TB one.

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    Micron’s 1TB cards use quad-level cell (QLC) NAND in 96 layers. SanDisk didn’t disclose any specifics about their chip design. The Micron cards will max out at 100 MB/s read and 95 MB/s write speeds while SanDisk claims that its microSD cards will deliver 160 MB/s read and 90 MB/s write speeds.

    Both the cards support the A2 app performance class specification. This means they are suitable for running Android applications directly from the card.

    Micron 1TB microSD Card
    Image Source: Extremetech

    Both SanDisk and Micron 1TB SD cards won’t be on sale until the second quarter of 2019. SanDisk revealed the pricing for both the 1TB and 512GB cards, the SanDisk Extreme 1 TB microSDXC will cost you $450 while the 512GB card will set you back by $200. Micron hasn’t announced the pricing of its microSD card yet but it’s expected to be a bit cheaper than SanDisk’s offering as the company indicated the pricing “will be competitive for the target audience”.

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