Samsung is developing a 600MP Sensor – Promises To Exceed Human Eye Capabilities

    Samsung Sensor

    South Korean electronics giant, Samsung is a pioneer when it comes to the camera sensors for smartphones. Samsung has been the first company out there to announce a 48MP, a 64MP, and a 108MP sensor for smartphones, and earlier this year Samsung’s Sensor Business Team Head, Yongin Park revealed the company’s plan for a 600MP sensor for smartphones that is said to exceed human eye capabilities which according to him can capture the real world at a resolution of 500MP. 

    Now it seems Samsung is going forward with its plan. A renowned tipster who goes by his pseudonym IceUniverse on Twitter has recently claimed that the company has started working on the sensor with the highest resolution one has ever heard. He tweeted, ” Samsung is really doing 600MP sensors!”, with an image that seems like a leaked internal document or an investor’s note on the sensor that reveals quite a bit of information about the sensor.

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    Samsung ISOCELL 600
    Investors Note on ISOCELL600

    The Samsung ISOCELL600

    According to the image shared, the company’s motivation behind the 600MP sensor is the growing popularity of zooming in and 4K/8K videos, which the South Korean giant is planning to resolve with its ISOCELL600 sensor that will give freehand in zooming while not losing much quality.

    But there’s a catch, which is that this sensor might not be coming out soon since Samsung is working on reducing the camera bump. In general and also according to the leaked image, a sensor this big would take 12% of the smartphone’s back and will protrude as much as 22mm out of the smartphone’s body. So the chances are that we won’t be getting a smartphone with a 600MP camera for the next few years.

    Earlier this year, Park revealed that the upcoming 600MP sensor (ISOCELL600) would not be just limited to smartphones, and it will be getting in fields such as autonomous vehicles, IoT, and drones.

    Park also laid out the South Korean giant’s plan of developing different sensors in his editorial including an image sensor equipped for the ultraviolet light perception that can be used in the diagnosis of skin cancer and also serving a purpose in the agricultural field, and that’s not it, the company is also working on sensors that will be able to register smell or tastes.

    Samsung’s current flagship sensors, the ISOCELL Bright HM1 and ISOCELL Bright HMX are a few of the first 108MP sensors. Still, they basically work on the principle of pixel binning, giving out images having resolutions of 12MP and 27MP, respectively.

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