Redmi Watch Launched: Features a 1.4-inch Colour LCD, 7-Day Battery Life at Rs. 3,400!


    Wearable tech has come far from Sci-Fi movies of old, and the most well-accepted one of them all is — smartwatches. It looks like everyone wants to jump on board and take a chunk of the pie. This time around, it’s Redmi’s time, and they’ve come up with — Redmi Watch. What do we know about it? Read further.

    What’s so Fascinating about Redmi Watch?

    The Watch features a 1.4-inch color LCD touch display with 323ppi. The design is eerily similar to an Apple Watch, but the Redmi Watch makes do with flatter sides. There’s a single button on the right-hand side of the display (a crown in its place would have been a close call!). Colour options include — blue, black & ivory, and band colors include — black, olive, ivory, blue & cherry blossom.

    Redmi Watch showing off 3 of its colours
    Redmi Watch showing off three of its colors. Courtesy: yugatech

    Redmi Watch packs in a 30-day round-the-clock heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, tracking while standing, and breath training, all this in a 35gram package which is water-resistant up to 50 meters or 5atm of pressure.

    Xiao AI, is the voice-assistant you summon using the onboard microphone. In China, which is currently the most prominent market for the Watch, Alipay doubles up as a contactless card and bus token service using NFC. Bluetooth 5.0 allows pairing with Android and iOS devices.

    Redmi Watch is a VFM product
    Redmi Watch offers a hard to beat VFM proposition. Courtesy: KLGadgetGuy

    The watch also features seven built-in sport modes — outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, walking, swimming in the pool, and free activities.

    Xiaomi states that it doesn’t have global plans for the Watch currently, however, chalking the smartwatch out of India’s purview is also not confirmed yet.

    At the moment the Redmi Watch will go on sale in China from December 1st for CNY 299 which equates to approximately INR 3,400.

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