Realme 5 Pro Impressions – Is This The New Budget King? (We sorta think it is!)


    The Realme 5 Pro finally launched today amidst a boatload of hype! To be honest, none of it was misplaced either. With prices starting at just 14,000 INR for the base variant, we seem to have a new budget king on our hands. Why, you might ask? Read on to find out!

    Reason 1 – The Processor

    Realme has hit it out of the park with this one. Choosing to go to the Snapdragon 710 over the 675 before launching the X and 3 Pro was by itself a masterstroke considering the significantly better graphics performance on the 710. Realme has built on that now with the 5 Pro and have gone with the Snapdragon 712, an SoC that’s clocked slightly higher than the 710 thereby giving it a little extra juice to hold its own amongst the competition. This is a move that’ll help the 5 Pro stand out in the already crowded budget segment.

    Reason 2 – The Camera Versatility

    Let’s be honest here, the 2MP macro and telephoto sensor duo seems to be more of a gimmick to achieve the so-called elite “quad-camera” status. However, Realme isn’t bullshitting anyone with the primary 48MP carried over from the X. If the camera performance from the X is anything to go by, the 5 Pro will undoubtedly best its competition in the sub 20K space in terms of camera performance. Second only to the Realme X of course. The addition of a more practical wide-angle sensor is a step in the right direction as well. No other camera set-up in this price segment is as versatile as the 5 Pro. There’s something here for everyone!

    Reason 3 – The Price!

    Priced at a mere 13,999 INR for the base variant the Realme 5 Pro seems to be a steal! Let’s not forget, the X which is a more premium version of this phone uses a slightly inferior SoC and the same stellar camera performance. Gimmick or not, Realme has marketed this phone quite perfectly. Watch out Xiaomi!

    To Wrap Up…

    The Realme 5 Pro seems like an amazing option in the budget space that will definitely solidify Realme’s position in the market with the right kind of marketing. What has us really excited however is the fact that Realme will be launching an alternate skin to ColorOS exclusively for Realme phones that will purportedly help with faster update roll-outs. If Realme manages to do this, Xiaomi is in for quite the knocking the coming months. Don’t go anywhere, stay tuned right here on Techquila for our full review of the phone!

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