Razer Phone 3 may never see the light of day


    Razer Game Store – The division that sold digital Steam, Uplay keys to its customers will cease operations from 28th of February, 2019.

    Razer Game store

    The company has reassigned its employees to other roles within the company. They also laid off 30 employees, which is about 2% of the company.


    This comes as a surprise, as a small division within the company had a massive impact on the workforce. It certainly raises eyebrows as there have been other rumors of the Razer phone lineup being in trouble.

    Razor released an official statement regarding its mobile division. There was a confirmation that a reshuffle had been conducted within the cell phone division.

    The company claimed that it will “continue to invest”. But it seems like they may have indirectly confirmed the shut down of their mobile phone division.

    Razer Phone 2

    Razer will continue to support the Razer Phone 2, but it might be their last cell phone on the market.

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