PUBG Might Be Going Free to Play on PC

    PUBG PC Free

    A trusted source has leaked a new game plan by PUBG Corporation to increase the lifespan of the 4-Year-Old game.

    Fortnite, Apex Legends, CSGO, and Valorant all have two things in common- They are all great games with a healthy player base, and they are all free-to-play. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, which pioneered the Battle Royale genre of games, lacks these factors.


    The game might be doing really well in the mobile market, but the original PC port of the game has been suffering for quite a while. The game has been overrun by hackers who only play to disrupt other players’ experiences, as PUBG developers seem to lack the ability to implement a functional Anti-Cheat software.

    According to Steamcharts, The player base has declined heavily from the peak of more than 3 million active players in a month to last month’s 420 thousand. The game is in dire need of a new life injected into it to reignite the passion people once had in it. Some people think that the answer is a new game, a sequel on a newer engine. PUBG Corporation thinks the answer is making the game free like its competitors.

    According to a trusted source, who has previously been correct about various other things related to PUBG, the current plan is for PUBG to go Free-to-play by testing the waters with a limited release first. This means that sometime in the next month, the game is going to become free-to-play for a week, during which the PUBG corporation will test the waters on how this model is performing when compared to the current statistics.

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    It is to be noted that the PUBG corporation had tried this once before when it went free-to-play for a week back in 2019. The reaction to that wasn’t as good as the developers hoped, and the game retained its paid model back then. It seems like they are going to try the same thing again, expecting a different result. Ask any Far Cry fan what that means, and they’ll be happy to inform you.

    Fortnite - The game that started the fiasco between Apple and Epic Games
    Fortnite – The game whose success became a starting point for many new games

    However, if the game does perform much better in its free to play week, and the developers are successful in generating interest in the game once again, the game could still be very profitable with the season pass model that Fortnite has popularised.

    It remains to be seen if this is indeed true and PUBG is really going free-to-play, but the fact remains – the cheating problem that the game currently has will only increase when people can create multiple accounts for free. I’m sure they’ll have a solution for something like this when they make a change this drastic. Right, guys?

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