Pre-Bookings Begin For The Redmi K20 Pro In India – Grab It While You Still Can!

    Redmi K20 pro

    Pre-bookings for the all-new Redmi K20 Pro in India are set to begin on July 12th. Dubbed the “Alpha” sale, users will be allowed to purchase a pass on Flipkart and to get definite access to a unit of the phone when it goes on sale on 17th July.

    The K20 Pro in all its glory.

    Considering that Xiaomi is known for their notorious flash sales that make it quite hard to grab their elusive phones during the first few months after launch, if you are planning to buy this phone, we’d suggest buying the pass too and making the process much easier. If you’re looking for an upgrade but are still not sure about the Redmi K20, you can check out the numerous global reviews that are up already.

    The actual phone goes on sale on the seventeenth of July.

    Each invite costs 855 INR (a play on the pricing considering the processor is SD855) and will be available on both as well as Flipkart on the 12th of this month after 12 pm. If, after buying the invite, you somehow decide not to purchase the phone, this amount will be credited to your Mi account for further purchases on their platform. And don’t worry, this 855 INR won’t add up to the total cost of the phone. While completing the purchase with the pass, a discount of 855 INR will be applied during checkout.

    The colors that the phone will most likely debut with.

    Considering all the hype for the Redmi K20 Pro, we expect intense competition just to grab an invite. We here at Techquila wish you the best of luck, and may the odds be in your favor!

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