Pokemon Go is Coming Home to Tackle the Coronavirus

    Pokemon Go
    Pokemon Go

    What happens when there’s a pandemic and Pokémon Go requires you to go out of the house and interact with people and what not? You don’t go out, that’s what. Because the developers have your back.

    Pokémon Go creator Niantic is adding temporary tweaks in the game to make it easier for players to play without leaving home. The developer is prioritising updates for features that will make it easier to play in individual setting due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

    Since health officials have asked people to remain indoors to curb the spread of the diseases, or at least 6 feet away from other people, Niantic is doing everything it can to protect its players. Since Pokémon Go is meant to be a social experience that requires people to go to specific locations in order to play.

    However, Niantic’s latest updates include increasing habitats and pokéstops that drop gifts at a higher frequency. The developer is also offering incense packs to ramp up spawns, at a 99% discount. Moreover, they are also increasing the effectiveness of incubators to hatch eggs twice as fast.

    pokemon go

    Furthermore, updates are already in effect and will last until further notice. They ofcourse won’t be able to keep players inside but might be able to help players who are stuck inside and are trying to keep busy. Seriously though, don’t go outside to catch ‘em all.

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