PlayStation 4 Crosses 100 Million in Worldwide Shipments

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    PlayStation 4

    In its financial results for Q1 of the fiscal year 2019, Sony revealed that total worldwide shipments for their PlayStation 4 console have crossed 100 million. A total of 3.2 million units were shipped within the three month period which ended on the 30th of June. This figure matches that of last year’s for the same time frame.

    Sony also changed their sales forecast for the console, bringing down their prediction to 15 million units from the original goal of 16 million for the fiscal year. The 15 million unit forecast is the lowest one in a four year period and may signal the start of the end for the PlayStation 4 as the company shifts its focus to the, undoubtedly, soon to be unveiled PlayStation 5. However, the company has stated before that support for the PS4 will continue , post PS5 release, and that all its games and peripherals will be compatible with the next generation.


    Other additional information revealed in the report includes an increase in subscribers for PlayStation Plus, going up by 2.3 million compared to the previous fiscal year and bringing the total count to 36.2 million as of the 30th of June, 2019. PS4 software sales also saw an increase of 2.3 million from last year with a total of 42.9 million units sold in Q1 2019.

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