CSGO Server Issue Causes Rank Resetting And Long Queue Times

    In what appears to be a server issue, many CSGO players around the globe are experiencing in-game issues like rank resets and long queue times.


    [Update: The issue has since been fixed along with a new update which introduces a new unranked competitive mode as well as new maps. It appears that the technical glitch was due to the implementation of said update. The original article follows.]

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CSGO as most fans of the game call it, is experiencing a big server issue right now. As many players have pointed out on social media, it seems like a lot of people’s matchmaking ranks have been reset without any prior announcement. Players are also reporting abnormally long queue times in lobbies, and this recent change in ranks seems to be linked to it.

    CSGO Servers down
    CSGO Servers are down. – Photo Credits: Fitz (@GoodGuyFitz )

    The bizarre change can be attributed to the recent changes that Valve might have made to the game’s servers, however, players are only noticing the changes right now. This latest mishap only adds to the game’s slowing popularity over recent years, especially when taken in the context of the current gaming scene with popular titles like PUBG or Fortnite. Here are some of the players’ complaints after the change took effect:

    It’s interesting to note that yesterday, July 30, was scheduled to host Valve’s weekly maintenance and it’s likely that the problem was caused by a mistake that happened during said time. Neither Valve (Or rather, Steam’s twitter handle) nor the game has issued any update on the matter at the time of writing so it’s possible that the developers simply haven’t caught wind of the queries yet.

    Due to fears of ranks getting reduced, many players are also planning on leaving the game for good, as Valve is often notorious for introducing game-breaking issues in many of their updates as far as CSGO is concerned. In any case, an official word from the developers should be out in a while so do keep an eye on the game’s blog here.

    We’ll keep you updated on the matter as it develops.

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    1. It’s fixed.
      The writer forgot to update.
      And his sheer ignorance can been seen in his writing when he says the game is slowing in popularity.
      CSGO is only getting higher numbers of players than they ever have. Fact check before publishing.

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