PCIe 4.0 officially coming to selected X470 and B450 boards from Asus


    One of the talking points about AMD’s 3000 series Ryzen processors pertained to the simultaneous launch of (relatively) expensive and fancy X570 chipset AM4 motherboards. While the new Ryzen CPUs by themselves still continue to offer excellent value for money, the accompanying X570 chipset based motherboards are significantly more expensive than their previous-gen counterparts. As a result, a lot of budget-oriented shoppers pairing the new 3rd gen Ryzen with previousgen chipsets would have missed out on certain forward-looking features, most notably, PCIe Gen4.

    Asus has looked into the concern and has decided to open up PCIe 4.0 support on certain X470 and B450 motherboards.

    Please note carefully the symbols attached to the respective motherboard models as full PCIe 4.0 x16 support is not universal.

    In terms of performance, PCIe 4 provides a data rate of 16 G/Ts as compared to 8G/Ts of PCIe Gen 3 and is also backward compatible with all previous PCIe versions. This is advantageous for workstation based PCs where high-speed storage greatly benefits the users. Gamers, however, have little to gain from this as PCIe Gen3 still provides more than enough bandwidth for even the fastest GPUs out there.

    It remains to be seen whether other motherboard vendors follow suit or if AMD quickly intervenes and stops the proceedings since one of the company’s senior managers, Robert Hallock believes that “the risk is too great” for PCIe 4 to be used on pre-X570 board.

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