Meet the Orcam MyMe: The Most Advanced Wearable AI-driven Computer Vision


    All primitive gadgets that have been used for decades have started getting replaced with their smarter versions over the past few years. Orcam has introduced yet another smart device that is set to make your life easier. You’re probably acquainted with the concept of wearable cameras, that can be clipped onto one’s clothing to log the images in their daily life. MyMe by Orcam takes this idea to a whole new level.

    orcam myme

    OrCam MyMe is the first of its kind AI enabled wearable device.  It consists of a 13MP camera that clips onto your clothes and a Bluetooth earpiece for communication. The device with its smart processor can connect to your phone, smart watch or any other Bluetooth device though the Orcam MyMe App. The camera not only records all the people the user meets during the day but is also instrumental in recognizing the older contacts. This recognition then generates additional information like, when and where you last met the person and the duration of the meeting. The newly recognized people for the day can also be saved as contacts and separated into different groups like work, family and friends.

    Added to this, MyMe lets the user set specific time goals. The user can decide the amount of time he/she wishes to spend in a specific setting or with a specific set of people. The device notifies the user when he’s about to reach the decided time goal.

    Overall, MyMe helps you keep track of all your social encounters and interactions while performing big data analysis to generate charts that would help the user divide time and balance various aspects of his/her life.

    In many ways, MyMe does seem to be like Google Glass. However, its camera doesn’t sit right on your face,which makes it a lot more comfortable. But it may still lead to people questioning you about a camera on your shirt that might possibly be surveilling them.

    The device offers a great way of monitoring one’s daily schedule and seems quite useful. It would be interesting to see how well it performs in the coming months.

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