Renders shows Oppo X Tom Ford Sliding Phone In Its Full Glory

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Over the last few years, Oppo has showcased some of the concepts of the most interesting smartphone and earlier this year Chinese manufacturer patented a slider smartphone with an expandable display which was later revealed at Oppo’s INNO Day as the Oppo X 2021. Now, we have some renders showcasing the Oppo X 2021 courtesy of LetsGoDigital.

The outlet got their hands on the renders of Oppo X Tom Ford, showing the concept smartphone in its full glory. According to them, Oppo is critically thinking of launching the concept smartphone as a commercial product in collaboration with designer Tom Ford who’s known for his work with Gucci.

The renders show the smartphone in its closed form, and when the closed smartphone is small and squarish, as compact as a visiting card. But it’s more than that- instead of having a folding display, Oppo X’s screen is retractable, which can be expanded into a fully-fledged smartphone increasing the screen size by 80%.

Oppo X Tom Ford
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The display is curved on the edges at top and bottom, and according to the report, the smartphone will be having two pull tabs on the sides for easy rolling, with an option to hung the smartphone around your neck. Moreover, there is no indication of physical buttons, charging ports, and selfie camera except a sim card tray which is visible when extended.

The renders show Oppo X Tom Ford with a leather and metal back, with a triple camera aligned horizontally at the top centre of the smartphone, with the words “Oppo X Tom Ford – Design for concept Shakira” engraved below the camera alignment.

We don’t have any official information about the commercial availability of the Oppo X Tom Ford, or if there is going to be a standard edition, Oppo X. But we can expect it to debut sometime in 2021 considering LG is also preparing to introduce its rollable smartphone sometime next year.

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