OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z: A New User’s Perspective!


    The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z are OnePlus’s latest wireless earphones and they come with some major changes.

    They’re the cheapest wireless earphones by the Chinese company and as a first-time wireless earphone buyer, they’ve been great for me in the past week.

    As a person who was pushed to buy a pair of wireless earphones thanks to OnePlus eliminating the headphone jack, I had been on the lookout for a cheap, wireless option. The only things I was looking for in a wireless earphone was a price tag around Rs 2000 and USB-C charging with a decent battery life. Fast forward to the OnePlus 8 announcement and my prayers were answered with the Bullets Wireless Z.

    I received my pair a week back and so far my experience has been awesome!


    OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

    In a world that is increasingly moving towards the Truly Wireless aesthetic, OnePlus has stuck to the neckband design. The Bullets Wireless Z are pretty much identical in design when compared to its predecessor sans the metal construction. The new ones are slightly lighter but overall you wouldn’t find a big difference in terms of design.

    I did expect the buttons to be a little more clicky and the LED could’ve had more functionality but I guess that’s asking too much at this price point.

    A new feature that comes as part of its design is the water-resistance. The previous version did claim it was water resistant but with the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z’s official IP55 rating, you can rest assured that it can handle your sweaty workouts and some amount of water being splashed on it.


    OnePlus Bullets Wireless are comfortable and super light!

    Earphones should be considered an investment if you work long hours with them in your ears and I think the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z do a fairly good job with comfort. They come with 2 extra pairs of silcone ear-tips and fit rather well in my ear.

    Of course, everyone’s ears are different so the mileage with comfort would vary but these sure aren’t Apple earphones so it is what it is.

    The ear-tips being silicone and fairly supple, block out a good amount of outside noise. It created a pretty good seal for me and saved me from a lot of distractions. This one factor makes it easy to recommend these earphones.

    The neckband is soft and rubberised and is light enough for you to not notice it’s presence. I live in a fairly hot and humid part of the country and due to the nature of the work I do, I have the earphones on most of the time, and sometimes after long periods of time you will notice the neckband. This of course varies from person to person but overall they are super comfortable and easy to recommend.


    Performance of the Bullets Wireless Z

    From a first time user’s perspective, these are great! It has been reported that they lack the refinement of the Bullets Wireless 2, but should you really complain at this price?

    The sound seems a slight bit unbalanced as the bass seems to stay past it’s bedtime. That just means that for some songs that end with a little bass hit, that hit seems to stay even after it is supposed to end.

    Audiophiles might notice more issues, but bear in mind these aren’t for the average audiophile. This is an entry level pair and it should be judged like one. And in that category the sound is levels above the competition.

    I have enjoyed all my playlists in the Bullets Wireless Z and I could easily recommend it to anyone.


    OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z charging

    It seemed ridiculous for OnePlus to advertise 20 hours of battery life and I was really sceptical about that. But all that changed when I got the pair. As advertised it lasts for 20 hours and I just need to charge them once in 2 days.

    The 10 hours of playback time in 10 minutes of charge, however, is a bogus claim. It gets way more than 10 hours of playback time in 10 minutes of charge and it really blew my mind! I tried it and it lasted for around 14 hours for me on a 10 minute charge and that’s nuts.

    For those who are wondering, 0-100% takes around 50 minutes if you’re using a OnePlus charger.

    Final Thoughts on the Bullets Wireless Z

    The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z are an easy A-plus in my book considering they’re my first wireless earphones. I can easily recommend it to anyone who wants a great pair at a mindblowing price.

    The standout features for me in terms of the earphones and convenience have been:

    • Comfortable fit
    • Crazy good price to value
    • Insane battery life
    • Not having to carry around another charger owing to the fact that they can be charged with a type-C cable.

    I’d say these are a must-buy if you would like some basic earphones at a great price.

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