Battlefield, Mass Effect, Star Wars Battlefront Arrive on Steam

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Last week, EA brought tons of fan-favorites from Origin back to Steam, including Mirror’s Edge, Crysis, Need For Speed, Dragon Age, and even the OG Plants vs Zombies.

Adding to the list, Battlefield, Mass Effect, and Star Wars Battlefront franchises now join the Steam line-up as of today. This completes most of the franchises on Steam, with the older LucasArts Star Wars titles already available on the store.

All of these are the super-deluxe-gold-premium editions, at hefty discounts, of course. So you can dive into them right away, with all the additional post-launch content and DLCs at your hands, on your ever-favorite storefront.

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The free-to-play Titanfall spin-off success, Apex Legends, is also expected to hit the store soon. That will be a huge move for EA, considering it’s their current primary focus, and Steam will then take a good chunk out of their revenue from the microtransactions.

Apex Legends keeps pulling in more and more players with each new Season

The company’s affordable subscription service is also set to come to the store soon. Costing just $5 a month, EA Access includes EA’s hottest titles till date and early access to most, if not all, upcoming launches. Check out the complete line-up on their website. It’s already available on the PS4 and the Xbox One, and will be the first subscription service to arrive on Steam. This may just be the start of more such subscriptions to come on the reputed platform.

In other news, Horizon Zero Dawn might also be launching on Steam really soon. AMD has been bundling its CPUs with the game in select regions. This only suggests that the game is coming out real soon. Although the Steam page still doesn’t have an exact release date, it’s Summer already, and with the PS5 event up next in an hour and the Composer of the game teasing something about the event, something’s up for sure. I’d bet on a Horizon 2 announcement, with a release date for the first game’s PC, and possibly a PS5 port.

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4
Horizon Zero Dawn
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Another reason for PC veterans to be hyped for the PS5 event is Bloodborne. The PlayStation-exclusive masterpiece is apparently all but officially confirmed for a remastered PC release on Steam. Though it might seem a bit absurd for a PC port to be announced at a PS5 event, it might happen alongwith a PS5 port announcement. Anyhow, if not the PS5 event, the PC Gaming Show is right around the corner as well. So either way, stay tuned!

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