OnePlus 7T Pro Leaks – Do We Really Need This T(ea)


    Right when we’ve finally settled down to recommend the OnePlus 7 Pro as THE PHONE to buy this year, we have fresh leaks of the OnePlus 7T Pro. Not like we needed an update, but oh well.

    The gorgeous Nebula Blue OnePlus 7 Pro

    Leaked images from Weibo show that the 7T Pro will have a similar form factor to the outgoing model with the bezel-less pro-motion display and a pop-up camera. Obviously, OnePlus will mix it up a little with a variety of color and storage options. Hardware-wise we might see the use of the new Snapdragon 855 Plus on this phone.

    The Snapdragon 855 Plus is the processor found on the second generation of Asus’s ROG phone. It will no doubt offer a considerable bump in graphics performance on the 7T Pro which will be appreciated by mobile gamers around the globe. The clock speed of the 855 Plus also sees a 4 percent improvement, though this will not translate into significant speed improvement over the outgoing 855.

    The leaked image.

    One thing that we’re keeping our fingers crossed for is the implementation of a better camera sensor on the T version. Sure, the one on the outgoing model is no slouch, but it still leaves much to be desired when compared to Pixel 3. Just don’t get your hopes too high though because there is no real alternative sensor for OnePlus if they have to maintain the same price of the 7 Pro. While they’re at it, maybe try introducing wireless charging? I mean, come on OnePlus, it can’t cost you much to include this feature considering that the phone is already equipped with a glass backing.

    Rest assured, the OnePlus 7T Pro will definitely launch with the latest build of Oxygen OS based on Android Q! That’s all we have for you today folks. Stay tuned to TechQuila for more updates!

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