NVIDIA Confers First Gold Certification in Pune to Havok Nation

    GeForce Driver 430.53

    An erstwhile gaming café located in the heart of Pune recently received the prestigious NVIDIA Gold certification! Havok Nation (that’s the name) transitioned from being a GeForce Experience zone to a full-on gaming café with the best PC builds money can buy. Their setups are a boon for casual and hardcore gamers alike. Looks like NVIDIA took notice!

    This iCafé with the swanky NVIDIA Gold certification offers the best in terms of hardware and ambience for an immersive gaming experience. All the customers can enjoy a wide range of titles in the lap of bleeding-edge hardware.

    Havok Nation.

    NVIDIA’s marketing team is pulling all the right strings and seems to have a finger on the pulse of the millennials. “NVIDIA is happy to support certify Havok Nation in their quest to bring Pune gamers the very best PC gaming experience possible. NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX™ platform brings together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading for a whole new way to experience games”, said Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, South-Asia. “With a young, digitally native population, I am certain gaming will continue to grow in Pune and indeed across India”, he said to wrap up.

    The RTX 2060.

    Havok Nation was one of the first GeForce Experience centers in the country and this transition was a long time coming, according to Sameer Japtap the founder. This café caters to a gamer’s various cravings. From the 44 PCs to the dedicated e-sports arena with the new RTX 2060 cards this seems to be a cave of paradise. If that’s not exciting enough for you they also have a retail section with a PC building and even a modding zone! With NVIDIA’s official backing, Havok Nation hopes to scale greater heights in the coming years.

    NVIDIA has been making some smart decisions lately.

    NVIDIA’s Gold Certification is a smart marketing move in all honesty. Equipping cafes with the latest hardware (often very expensive) will allow customers to experience the performance of their products before taking the plunge to buy it for themselves. On the long run, this business model will prove useful and lead to further growth. Let’s wait and watch to see what NVIDIA does next!

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