OnePlus 7T Launches With 90Hz Display And Starts At 37,999 Rupees

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It seems like just yesterday that OnePlus came out with the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro! OnePlus has now launched the all new OnePlus 7T that fits right between the latter two device in terms of pricing and hardware. With an all new 90Hz full-HD AMOLED display akin to the one found on the 7 Pro, the 7T seems to offer a solid upgrade on the display front. The inclusion of the exact same camera setup from the 7 Pro spices things up quite a bit. All this starting at 38,000 INR!

The all new OnePlus 7T.

Looks like OnePlus decided to mix it up design wise with the 7T. And let’s be honest here, it’s quite polarising. The camera hump is just way too large with too much free real estate amongst the black cover slip. When you can make the 7 Pro which uses the exact same camera array look minimal, why would you make the 7T look garish? The logic eludes me. Other than that the glass backing seems to have an all new satiny texture as opposed to the 7 Pro’s predominantly matte one.

OnePlus has now diversified their product line up.

OnePlus has now diversified their product lineup between the 30K and 40k mark. According to us this is quite a smart move. Here’s why. The core processing package of the 7, 7 Pro, and 7T are for all intents and purposes the SAME. Based on a consumer’s personal tastes and his/her level of frugality, he/she can now choose between the features he thinks are more significant. If a high refresh rate display is not your cup of tea, why would you want to spend the extra money on a 7T when the 7 suits your needs perfectly? So, it’s quite magnificent that OnePlus is offering something that’s important to a consumer… Value.

There’s just too much going on design wise.
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The OnePlus 7T will be available exclusively at OnePlus stores and Amazon soon! As soon as we get our hands on a unit of the phone you can be sure that we’ll review it in detail, Techquila style!

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