NVIDIA: Ray Tracing Will Be Added to every single upcoming game; Unity Engine Support Coming Soon

    NVIDIA: Ray Tracing

    Epic’s Unreal Engine (Unity’s main competitor), received official ray tracing support earlier in the 4.22 preview build for both low-level and high-level operations. During yesterday’s post-earnings conference call, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang proclaimed this as very big news for the future adoption of ray tracing technology in games.

    NVIDIA: DLSS Quality will get Better With Time

    In his statement, though, he might have announced something else that isn’t official yet… Unity adding Ray Tracing support

    “…And then probably one of the biggest stories that came out just last week is that Unreal Engine and Unity, both of the game engines are going to incorporate RTX and ray tracing technology in the engine itself. And so all future games in the future will be able to take advantage of that, so that’s really big news and I’m excited about that.”

    NVIDIA: Ray Tracing

    As of yet, Unity hasn’t announced anything, but the Nvidia CEO might have been confused about the specific timing of the announcement planned by Unity. And it isn’t like he confused one for another as he reiterated his aforementioned statement later.

    “…And we’ve already spoken about ray tracing earlier and we know that every single game that are coming out, we’re working with the developers to incorporate RTX technology and a very, very big deal, both Epic with Unreal Engine and Unity Engine are going to incorporate ray tracing. It is very, very clear that the next generation of computer graphics is ray tracing. And all of the work that we’ve done with RTX to move the industry forward is well worth it. But remember, that’s just the graphics part of Turing.”

    This isn’t shocking news though. Now that its out by Nvidia, an official confirmation might just drop by anytime now.

    Another noteworthy takeaway from this second quote is that NVIDIA appears to be aggressively pursuing partner studios to add ray tracing support in upcoming games. The main complaint from GeForce RTX owners is that not enough titles support RTX and/or DLSS technologies, and both should be enabled in order to properly exploit the hardware of the expensive new line of graphics cards. Fixing the lack of software could go a long way toward improving sales, something that the GPU industry desperately needs right now.

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    1. Sry no. It most definitely is not gonna be in most games in the future. Ray tracing at the moment is only used in a most rudimentary form and it doesn’t make a big diff. In every game. It’s gonna be better than game works stuff since it’s based on a more open tech. But much less than say tessellation tech.

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