NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20-Series Mobility Specifications Surface

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At CES earlier this year, Nvidia announced that just like the preceding GTX 10 series of laptop GPUs, their 20 series RTX laptop GPUs would be slightly cut down from the desktop variants (along with the Max-Q variants for ultra-thin notebooks). The specifications weren’t made public, but it was however announced that the laptops with RTX 20 series GPUs would be available from the 29th of January. Today, two days away from launch, Nvidia has finally announced the specifications for the mobile variants of the RTX 2080, RTX 2070 & RTX 2060.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 Mob

To kick things off, all 3 GPUs sport the exact same number of CUDA cores as their desktop equivalents. This means that the mobile RTX 2060 has 1920 CUDA cores, the RTX 2070 2304 & the RTX 2080 tops out with 2944 CUDA cores. No downgrades here. The memory speed also remains the same across all three cards at 14GB/s. However, this is mostly where the similarities stop. The clock speeds (base & boost), Giga-rays/s, RTX-OPS & most importantly (and expectedly) the TDP have been reduced.  

BASE CLOCK (MHz) 1365 960
BOOST CLOCK (MHz) 1680 1200
GIGA RAY/S 5 3.5
TDP 160W 80-90W
BASE CLOCK (MHz) 1410 885-1215
BOOST CLOCK (MHz) 1620 1185-1440
GIGA RAY/S 6 4-5
RTX-OPS 42T 31-38T
TDP 175W 80-115W
BASE CLOCK (MHz) 1515 735
BOOST CLOCK (MHz) 1710 1380
GIGA RAY/S 8 5-7
RTX-OPS 60T 37-52T
TDP 215W 80-150+W
Nvidia hasn’t released the specifications for their Max-Q variants of the RTX 20 series at the time of writing.

As expected, the RTX mobile series, while having the same names, core count and memory speeds, will be slower than their desktop equivalents. This is due to their reduced TDP, clock speeds and other reductions that come along with them. What’s interesting though is that Nvidia hasn’t announced the specifications for any of the Max-Q variants. The Max-Q designs usually feature a reduced core count along with further tuned down frequencies.

Don’t forget everything else that mobile RTX either brings new to the table or improves from the GTX 10 series.
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Laptops featuring the GeForce RTX 2080, 2070, & 2060 hit retail shelves this Tuesday.

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