NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti Launches for $279


    Introducing the Geforce 1660Ti, Nvidia’s hottest new graphics card in the market. It is 3 times faster than the GTX 960, and is built on the Turing 12th Gen GPU architecture. Coming with Concurrent Float, Unified Cache and Adaptive Shading, this card is nothing short of a beast.

    Turing Architecture
    Turing Architecture

    The card is a massive upgrade relative to the GTX 1060, with a 150% increase in TOPs and a 220% increase in L1 cache size. The unified cache architecture is as follows-

    Unified Cache Architecture

    The Turing architecture gives around 1.5 times the instructions per clock than that of the Pascal architecture and is 1.4 times more power efficient than the same. The GeForce GTX 1660Ti’s adaptive shading supplies greater shader power to where it is needed the most.

    Adaptive Shading

    When tested on a system containing a Core i9 processor with 16Gb of RAM, the card produced 1.5 times the FPS as compared to a GTX 1060.

    Two-thirds of all gamers have a computing power equivalent to the GTX 960 or lesser. The GTX 1660Ti would give 3x times the performance and is priced pretty fairly to be considered worthy of an upgrade. It is perfectly capable of running all the modern competitive games at 120fps, even with settings on high.

    The 1660Ti is well suited for streaming as well, with bitrate optimization and a creative suite for storing highlights/recording.

    Nvidia Creative Suite

    The Suite offers performance improvements including game support, providing early access, DLCs, Patches etc. The 1660Ti sells for $279 and is well worth an upgrade for most gamers out there.

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