Intel’s Iris Plus Graphics 940 iGPU Performance leaked, Faster than AMD Radeon Vega 10


    Integrated GPUs have made some serious lately and the trends continue with new leaks of Intel’s Iris Plus Graphics 940. While we don’t get to see Intel’s discrete GPU performance, but their upcoming iGPU – expected to be launched under Sunny Cove – Gen 11, made an appearance on the internet.

    Intel’s Iris Plus Graphics 940 iGPU
    New 3D pipeline technology

    These chips are designed to offer 1TFLOPs of computing performance, the double of what is offered now.

    Intel’s Gen 11 will feature a new 3D pipeline with 64 Execution units(GT2), as compared to 24(GT2) in Gen 9. They will also feature 3MB of L3 cache and twice the FP16 rate.

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    Intel’s Iris Plus Graphics 940 iGPU
    Gen 9 vs Gen 11

    The leaked Gen 11 benchmarks show massive performance improvements over Gen 9. The improvement is as high as 132.07% in the ALU2 test, and 76% average performance gain.

    Gen 11 blows the Ryzen with integrated Vega 10 out of the water with a 63% overall performance improvement.

    Intel’s Iris Plus Graphics 940 iGPU
    Gen 9 (GT2) vs Gen 11 (GT2) vs Vega 11

    Vega 11 however, outperforms Gen 11 with slight 1.69% performance advantage. After this kind of performance by Intel’s iGPU lineup, it will be exciting to see what their discrete ‘Xe’ graphics cards will have to offer when they arrive in 2020.

    Intel’s Iris Plus Graphics 940 iGPU
    Intel GPU Roadmap

    Ice Lake-U and Ice Lake-Y however, will be the first chips to feature Iris Plus Graphics 940, will arrive later this year.


    1. A lot of this integrated GPU performance is dependent on memory bandwidth. As in the speed of the system RAM you use. At Vega 10 level, the GPU is definitely limited by available memory bandwidth. If you run with faster modules, you can gain a lot more performance. So these leaks are interesting, but not easy to compare as they do not cite RAM speed.

    2. Bro where the fuck is the overall score metric??? Take 1 look at the table and the Vega 10 10W loses by 30-40% against a presumed desktop Intel iGPU. The desktop Vega11 trades blows but generally wins.

      Don’t lie bro, it doesn’t look good.

    3. Lets face it. Nvidia’s and AMD’s graphics cards are in battle for long. Won’t be surprised to see new players running their own marketing campaigns.

    4. a igpu not yet in market against one in market for more than a year, and it’s a leak nothing more, we will see if its real and what price this thing come

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