NVIDIA Ampere GPU Taped; Might Launch in Latter Half of 2020 [Rumor]

    NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti

    Ashraf Eassa, a writer at The Motley Fool claims the next-gen NVIDIA micro-architecture, Ampere has been taped. As per Eassa, a “reliable” source informed him that NVIDIA had taped out Ampere in the last weeks of March.

    If this report proves to be correct, then it’ll be the first confirmation of the existence of the Ampere architecture. However, Eassa says that the taped GPU will succeed the NVIDIA V100 Data Center GPU (based on the Volta architecture). In case you didn’t know, the GeForce RTX cards are an off-shoot of the Volta architecture. They are based on the Turing family which is a modified version of Volta with the additional RTCores. So even if the A100 is revealed in 2020, the mainstream graphics cards will still be released after a quarter or two. AMD Radeon RX Navi, Ryzen 3000, EPYC Rome CPUs to Be Announced at Computex 201

    NVIDIA Ampere

    Word on the street is that the Ampere family of GPUs will be based on the 7nm node. The present generation RTX 20 series lineup is based on Samsung’s 14nm FinFET process. If Turing’s successor leverages the 7nm node, then we can expect a significant performance jump compared to the present offerings.

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    AMD debuted the world’s first 7nm GPU, the Radeon VII in Feb earlier this year, however, due to shortages and lackluster performance, it didn’t quite make its mark. Furthermore, the Radeon VII was based on the dated Vega architecture that the Vega 56 and 64 use. If NVIDIA indeed is planning to use the 7nm node for its next generation of GPUs, Ampere or otherwise, then we can expect the same level of performance uplift that the Maxwell lineup brought about back in 2014, culminating to the GTX 970 becoming one of NVIDIA’s bestselling GPUs till date.

    However, before you get all excited, keep in mind that this is a rumor after all, and not a very solid one at that, so take it with a grain of sand. Anyway, if we hear more about Ampere or NVIDIA’s next generation of GPUs, we’ll be sure to update you on that.

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    2. If Nvidia does have a 7nm chip then it would be a titan first and cost a crazy price. Then they might launch a Titian and A RTX4080Ti and it might cost $999 for the later. Then when AMD goes after the mid range market Nvidia will just slash prices on the RTX 20xx cards. RTX2060 @ $250 would sell like hot cakes and what is funny is this should have been the price of that card to begin with. The second joke would be that the 2060 would be a waste for RT cause of the 6 Gig Ram. This is why the RTX2070 has the 8Gigs of RAM but just a tad faster then the RTX2060. So you would still pay $350 for the same speed in 2020 for RT. Tricky Tricky. I’m Going to buy a used GTX1080 for 170 bucks and overclock the crap out of it. I might replace it in 2021 When RTX3060 comes out for $449 lol.

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