Nvidia Ampere GPUs 40% Faster Than Nvidia Titan RTX

    NVIDIA Ampere
    NVIDIA Ampere

    Nvidia is all set to release the next generation of its GPUs this year. Codenamed Ampere, for now, the GPUs are speculated to release in September. Amidst the long wait, we have got some exciting benchmarks revealed today.

    A pretty credible Twitter user and leaker, RoGame@Twitter today leaked a couple of benchmarks of Nvidia’s upcoming GPUs. The first GPU leaked has a whopping 7552 CUDA cores and 118 SMs under the hood. This means the GPUs will have the normal 64 cores per SM. This GPU however, doesn’t seem like a top of the line GPU, as that is expected to have 8192 CUDA cores. The GPU is clocked 1.11 GHz equating to roughly 16.7 TFLOPs. Apart from this, the leak showed 24GB of memory. We are not so sure about the memory value, and that is because of the second GPU.

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    Secondly, we have a 6912 CUDA cores and 108 SMs GPU. This is clocked at 1.01 Ghz with performance equating to 13.9 Tflops, roughly keeping it at par with RTX 2080 Ti. Memory wise, this shows 47GB of memory which is in all probability wrong. With a score of 141654 points on Geekbench, this GPU is slightly faster than the RTX Titan.

    With the GPUs receiving EEC certification recently, these benchmarks don’t look fake. Keeping the ridiculous memory aside, the rest of the stats look pretty believable. Whether it is true or not remains to be seen.

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