How to do a Step-by-Step Essay


    In general terms, an essay must contain a preamble, a development and a closure. Development is the most extensive part of our essay, in which we argue the hypothesis with clarifications and support. It is the part that requires a slight academic rigour to support our appreciation with statistics, quotes from authors or references to reliable documents and sources.

    Finally, we close our ideas through a conclusion How to Write a Long Essay, with it we present a “final reflection” on the argumentation exposed in the development and can offer some proposal for later writings.

    What is the Structure of an Essay?

    As a general rule, the structure of an essay is very basic. If you are worried about how an essay is made, you should know that it does not go beyond a page where you find:

    • A title recommended no more than twenty words.
    • An introduction or preamble of 1 to two paragraphs, no more than 15% of the total extension.
    • A development or argumentation between two to three paragraphs, where an idea of its own is presented and slight sustenance if necessary. It comprises between 70 and 75% of the total extension.
    • A closing or conclusion between one to two paragraphs another 15% of the total content.

    These are roughly the parts you should follow on how to prepare an essay for academic purposes.

    1. Make a well-done Investigation of the Topic you are going to Write

    Before you start writing you must know well what you are going to write. You can search WriteMyEssayOnline for interment writing help or in the local library about your topic. You can ask the library manager for help to find the best free to help you with your research. Many teachers do not like to use Wikipedia as a source of information, find out if your teacher accepts it or not before starting your writing.

    Year of Publication: Is the source of information up to date? Medical or scientific topics must have a current source of information. Humanities issues occupy that have been written many years ago.

    Edition: Is it the first edition? If the source has several editions, it required updates.

    Who Published the Source?

    2. Search and Analyze other well-done Essays on your Topic

    Look for essays on your topic you are going to write, and ask yourself what makes the essay well written? One of the most effective ways to develop your writing skills is to analyze someone else’s writings.

    Examples of the Internet – The world of the Internet offers a world of information and this includes tens of thousands of essays. There are many essays on the Internet of your subject that can help you, for more you click on WriteMyEssayOnline.

    Blogs – Search for blogs by reputable authors who can give your ideas to write your essay.

    3. Brainstorm to Start your Writing

    Brainstorming is a method that students can use to generate ideas to write their essay. Here your goal is to put your thoughts on paper without worrying about being organized, if they make sense or that your thoughts could fit with each other. Since you put everything that occurred to you, select the best ones to do your essay. This did not work for everyone, there are people who brainstorm is not much help for other people if it is.

    4. Choose the Argument or Proposal of your Essay

    This will tell the reader what your essay is and what point the author will be doing. You know what your essay is going to talk about. Choose the main idea of ​​your essay, you can choose from one to three ideas for “How to Write an Argumentative Essay“.

    5. Check your Essay

    As it is almost impossible to be objective with your own essay if you review it immediately. You can choose to wait a while or find someone who helps you review it.

    • Wait a day before reviewing your essay to be with a fresh mind. Do not submit an essay without having edited and reviewed them before, you increase the likelihood of having errors and do not specifically explain your ideas.
    • Make sure you don’t have a single spelling mistake. It is one of the basic mistakes that cannot be allowed in an essay. If you have any doubt about how to spell a word, look it up in the dictionary or in a search engine on the Internet as it is spelt correctly.
    • Development is the body of the essay. It covers most of the text and it sets out the arguments that clarify and support our hypothesis. Here, if the essay requires academic rigour, the critical apparatus (citations, notes and references) necessary for our arguments to be solid will be inserted.

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