Nextwave Multimedia to Update World Cricket Championship 3 – All Beta Features Revealed


    If you are an android gamer, then you must have come across the name World Cricket Championship game. The game turned out to be one of the best cricket games available over Play Store. The first edition of the game developed by Nextwave Multimedia turned out to be a smash hit, despite getting mixed reviews. However, the second edition of the game provided several unique features and modes which helped the game to reach an outbreak.

    Now, looking at the success the first two editions have reached, the developers have decided to bring the third edition as well. And this time they have provided early access to World Cricket Championship 3 on the Play store. The move seems a bit risky, however, the audience interaction of the game will surely rise, as the players will be trying to give their input via the feedback option.



    The developers have provided a few changes in terms of gameplay. The modes haven’t changed much. There is a new rank system provided in order to indulge players in multiplayer mode. Another noticeable change is the addition of women’s cricket feature in the game. So, we can say that there are changes, but not at a drastic level. However, we can expect little more improvisations when the completely developed version of the game is released.



    The game provides a bit more realistic gameplay than the previous two editions. The best part about the version is the addition of various celebrations after a player takes a wicket. The game has also focused on giving a texture to the match crowd. Apart from these features, the team entrances, the toss and post-match presentation have also given a new look. Various types of pitches are available, although the game could have focused on stadiums a bit.

    Updated Sound Effects


    The in-game sound effects surely is the best thing about the game. Previously, the game had a particular voice over as a commentator, but in this edition the developers have planned to woo their audience by the commentary from Akash Chopra and the big Aussie Mathew Hayden. This surely turns out to be a catchy feature of the new edition. If we check the other in-game sound effects like the calls of players while running or the crowd effects the game surely turns out to be a must try.

    New Controls

    Unlike the previous two editions, the controls aren’t easy anymore. There are 3-4 things over the screen which a player has to take care off while bowling and batting. And while fielding there is a meter for throwing the ball. So we can figure out that indirectly Nextwave Multimedia is trying to increase the level of the game. Well, this might be another core reason of either outbreak or down-fall of the game.

    For now, the game surely is trying to cover up all the feedback provided by the players. But as we all know only a few opinions will be considered. And looking towards the developing version of the game, we can say that this game might reach the popularity reached by the second edition of the game. This is the first cricket game that has provided an early access version of a game over play store. So, this might set a benchmark for other developers as well.


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