ASUS RoG Announces Partnership With Unity – Mobile Gaming Wins! [Press Release]


    ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced that it is now a verified solutions Partner of Unity Technologies, the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D (RT3D) content. As a Verified Solutions Partner, ASUS ensures its SDK is optimized for the latest version of the Unity Editor, providing a seamless experience for developers using Unity.

    Asus ROG Phone 2
    Unity will be able to take advantage of the ROG Phone 2’s hardware for a rich gaming experience!

    “This partnership aims to enhance the world-beating ROG Phone mobile gaming ecosystem, by making it easier for game developers to incorporate ROG Phone‘s uniquely powerful hardware capabilities into their games,” said Bryan Chang, General Manager of the Phone Business Unit, ASUS.

    “Having ROG Phone join our Verified Solutions Partner program is more than thrilling,” said Junbo Zhang, General Manager of Unity Greater China. “By providing access to the ROG Phone plugin, ASUS is enabling Unity developers to create next-level gaming experiences through the utilization of ASUS game-centric mobile phone series.”

    Asus ROG Unity
    With the Asus ROG Phone’s modularity, the options are quite infinte!

    Game developers using the Unity real-time 3D content creation platform will get exclusive access to a plugin with five ROG Phone features, allowing them to easily optimize their games to take full advantage of the hardware capabilities of the ROG Phone. As a consequence, gamers will be able to enjoy a wider range of mobile games that include exciting new features optimized specially for ROG Phone, giving them a unique mobile gaming experience not available on other smartphones.

    Developers will be able to obtain a single plugin supporting all five ROG Phone features via the Unity Asset Store (, or they can contact the ASUS ROG R&D team directly via email at [email protected].The ROG Phone plugins include the TwinView SDK, Gamepad SDK, Aura Light SDK, Refresh Rate Control  SDK, and Performance Boost SDK. More SDKs may be added as they become available in the future.

    Unity interface

    In order to promote and grow this new partnership, ROG plans to attend selected important developer-engagement events during 2020. The latest news and developments can be obtained via the official ROG channels. ROG is very excited about the potential of this new partnership, which will make the ROG Phone mobile gaming ecosystem an even more compelling platform for both developers and gamers.

    The Asus ROG line of smartphones have been hardware rich with no game truly taking advantage of the ROG Phone’s untapped potential. This is a step in the right direction for Asus and the mobile gaming industry in general. With SoCs and mobile GPUs sporting beefy numbers year after year, perhaps the only thing holding things back for mobile gamers are the games themselves – a rich gaming experience is something that smartphones have been establish over the year despite the leaps we’ve made in terms of hardware.

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