Multiple OEMs/ODMs to Deny Support for AMD 7nm Mobility Lineup


    AMD has already announced its 7nm processors for the mobility market and it surely made the customers happy as this meant more cheap and powerful options for them.

    But there’s a catch with AMD’s 7nm mobility lineup, some rumors have suggested that multiple OEMs and ODMs are not going to support AMD 7nm whenever it launches.


    So far, Acer, ASUS, and HP have confirmed their support for AMD 7nm and the OEMs/ODMs rumored to be not taking on AMD’s 7nm mobility lineup are:

    • MSI
    • Tongfang
    • Clevo

    For those of you who don’t know, Clevo and Tongfang are original design manufacturers (ODMs) and they design the laptops for big brands like Walmart, Origin, Cyberpower PC etc. Clevo is based in Taiwan and works exclusively on laptop computers, while Tongfang (Tsinghua Tongfang) is a Chinese software company and has its HQ in Beijing. MSI is quite a well-known brand and hopefully doesn’t need any introduction.

    There has to be multiple reason for these companies to decide not to support AMD 7nm mobility lineup, and performance is not one of them for sure. One of the major reasons behind their decision is “Support”.

    Intel and NVIDIA both provide complimentary support in the form of technical assistance & marketing support and availability warranties to its OEM partners which leads to a notable decrease in the overall cost and level of quality assurance required. So, the problem here is that AMD does not have the financial ability to provide such a level of support and availability warranties to all its partners. So, it kind of makes sense why these companies would be reluctant of picking up the 7nm from AMD. It surely does reduce the number of option for the customers but makes sense if you think this from the companies’ perspective.


    One thing should be made clear though, there’s no contract or anything of that sort this time, it is a completely voluntary decision taken by these companies.

    Performance wise, the rumors so far suggest a great performance per $ for the AMD 7nm mobility lineup and it’s expected to go toe-to-toe with what we have in the market right now. Hopefully, moving forward, this lineup brings a change in the laptop market and we start getting even faster products, at even lower prices. Intel will be competing with AMD on this front with its own 10nm based products which are expected to hit the market in the later parts of the year.

    We’ll be following this closely and will update whenever we get any new information regarding this.




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