MSI To Launch 8 Different Radeon 5700 Series Cards In August

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The Radeon 5700 XT Mech OC

Recently, MSI became the first AIB partner to confirm the launch of custom versions of the Radeon 5700 series, according to the images posted by HardwareLuxx. While ASRock teased some custom GPU designs back at Computex, officially speaking they were just a prototype of an undisclosed card.

The second picture features a picture of the Mech OC series card, our guess is that it is a 5700 based off the fact that it contains a DVI port in the image, something you usually find missing in the higher end cards these days. MSI also seems to be introducing a brand new line of coolers with the “EVOKE OC” series.

The folks over at VideoCardz also spoke to a few board partners about this, and most of them seem to be planning on an August release, same as MSI. A notable exception is ASUS, who will be launching their cards in September.

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