Motorola Edge S Goes Live For Reservation in China — SD 870, 105Hz Display Speculated

    Motorola Edge S. Courtesy: Gadgets360

    Motorola has been aiming to reimage itself back to its glory days and we’ve been tracking it ever since. Motorola earlier had promised to bring flagship-level 800 series processor into most of its devices alongside Motorola’s tradition of clean and unblotted software. With the Edge S nearing it’s China debut, let’s see what we can expect!

    Motorola lists Edge S for pre-orders in China

    Motorola has been working on the Edge S for quite some time now the leaks and rumours have been flowing in under the name of Moto Nio. Now, it is finally official as the smartphone has gone live for reservations.

    First look of the Motorola Edge S. Courtesy: Gadgets360

    Motorola plans to launch the Edge S smartphone in China on January 26th and right before the device has been seen listed on with a place holder price tag making it available for pre-orders. The Motorola Edge S will be launched 5 pm IST and will begin to ship soon after in China for now. The price, however, is still unknown.

    What do we know about the Edge S so far?

    Qualcomm recently unveiled the Snapdragon 870. The SD 870 would be a spiritual successor to last years SD 865 and SD 865+. It will sit over its predecessors while the SD 888 will be the king of 20221 from Qualcomm.

    Motorola Edge S will be the world’s first smartphone to get its firepower from the newest Snapdragon 870 chipset. Motorola had earlier teased about its ambitions of featuring the 800 series processor on the Edge S which was testing under the code name Motorola Nio. Motorola also intends to bring in an 800 series processor on its once successful Moto G line up when its 2021 iteration launches this year.

    Motorola Edge S will use SD 870
    Motorola Edge S will be 5G capable thanks to the SD 870 SoC.

    The Motorola Edge S will flaunt a 6.7″ FHD+ display with a 105Hz refresh rate. By the looks of it, seems like the Motorola Edge S will be using an almost flat display which will be a welcome change considering the strong curves on some of Motorola’s previous devices are not too ergonomic. The highest variant is likely to benefit from a set of 12GB RAM & 256GB onboard storage configuration. Edge S will also feature a big 5000mAh battery to power the flagship-grade specs. It is speculated to house the fingerprint sensor on the side instead of housing it in the Motorola badge on the back like from the days of the past.

    Lenovo China’s General Manager Chen Jin has declared the AnTuTu test results for the Motorola Edge S ahead of launch. The Edge S scored 679,860 on the benchmarking site which in itself is a pretty impressive score. In the CPU test, the Edge S scored 189,694. The display test, memory test and UX test results stood at 290,268, 103,322 & 96,576 respectively. It looks like the Motorola Edge S outperforms the Mi 10 Ultra.

    The international prospects of the Motorola Edge S is still unclear which makes it very uncertain as to when we can expect this device on our shores.

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