New Cyberpunk 2077 Patch Fixes More Bugs, But It’s Still Not Enough

    Night City Day - Cyberpunk 2077

    CD Projekt Red has released a new 1.10 patch for Cyberpunk 2077, aimed at fixing more bugs across PC, consoles and Stadia.

    This is the first of 2 major patches that were announced during CDPR’s apology 10 days ago. While it is positioned as a big patch, the patch notes paint another picture. One major update is improvement to memory-management regarding the various systems and world traversal in general. This makes sense as the game had to be adjusted heavily for the older consoles with their lower memory bandwidth, which resulted in many features cut from the game.

    Appreciating Night City in Cyberpunk 2077

    We expect the next major patch to go live in a month or so, but don’t expect any of the cut content/features to make it back into the game any time soon. CDPR has said that the free DLC and next-gen upgrade for the game will also be coming in the latter half of the year. We’ll generally suggest gamers to wait a little bit if they haven’t picked it up yet, but if you are planning on getting the game on PC, check out our review of Cyberpunk 2077.

    The patch also fixes problems with save files which has been bugging gamers ever since launch on PC as well. Speaking of PC players, achievements can now be earned in Steam offline mode. You can check out the full discussion on CDPR’s forums, as well as check out the full list of patch notes here.

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