Moto Razr Users Complain Of Hinge Noises And Cheap Build Quality

    Moto razr
    Initial Impression of Moto Razr are out

    Motorola’s revamp of the nostalgic Moto Razr was announced last year. With a few days to go for the device to start shipping, impression videos and articles of the device are surfacing online. However, the initial impressions are not so good. Users and reviewers are complaining about the poor build quality of the device.

    One of the major build quality issue is the hinge. Android Central’s Nirave tweeted a video highlighting the noise coming from the device while folding it. Max Weinbach also faced similar issues at a Verizon store. As seen in the video below, the noise does sound pretty alarming and raises serious questions over the durability of the device.

    It seems like things are not turning out to be well for the Moto Razr. Ever since launch, the Moto Razr was criticized for being seriously under-powered. The specs are pretty mediocre in an age where even mid-range phones are packing a punch. The battery isn’t pretty great either as the phone lasted only 11 hours on charge with 4 hours of screen-on time. To make things worse, the only thing the Moto Razr seemed to had in its control isn’t going its way either. While the design is decent, the build-quality in these handsets is the deal breaker.

    The Galaxy Z Flip is also slated to launch in the upcoming few weeks. That, along with the inital impressions of the device will definitely hurt the Moto Razr’s sales. Moreover, the Z Flip will pack flagship grade specs and is rumored to come at a lower price point.

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