Lenovo Laptops Cannot Be Trusted And Here’s Why

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Believe it or not Lenovo has become the best selling Computer brand this year, beating two of the biggest giants HP and Dell in 2019 Q3 sales. This isn’t surprising at all since they’ve started pricing their products very aggressively in an attempt to reign supreme over their competitors. However as it turns out, that has come with major flaws and drawbacks.

Lenovo Laptops Cannot Be Trusted And Here's Why

We here at TechQuila were avid fans of Lenovo and two of our members bought the same laptop in 2017 – the Lenovo Yoga 710. Like all Lenovo laptops, the Yoga 710 offered unbeatable specifications for the price, making it a hard decision to go with any other alternative.

Lenovo Laptops Cannot Be Trusted And Here's Why

Fast forward to late last year, both laptops faced the same issue where the hinge lost its adhesion and popped out of the glass panel. This turned out to be a very wide-spread issue with many Yoga models that wasn’t talked about much online. Lenovo appropriately shunned the issue and blamed users for the damage. One of our members even decided to get the panel replaced – complete with a new hinge – which unsurprisingly ended up breaking again.

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Lenovo’s cost cutting measures involve the use of cheap parts, one of them being the adhesive used for the hinge which loses its effect as a result of the heat generated in the area. And it doesn’t end there. There have been widespread reports of keys stopping to work, trackpad coating wearing off, creaking of the chassis etc. The list is endless but these are few of the major issues that makes the brand a terribly risky choice.

We are posting this article as we consider it our duty to warn our users about these malpractices in the industry to help ensure your purchase gives you a satisfactory experience.

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Lenovo Laptops Cannot Be Trusted And Here's Why
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  1. I agree with this article since i own a lenovo x360 laptop and the moment i purchased it something felt wrong about the speed of the laptop. I checked all the parameters and found out that they have used a faulty SSHD drive which is famous for getting very slow. I thave been contacting them for 4 months and they are still not ready to change the SSHD since they don’t think slow hard drives are actually a problem. For everyone’s information when i say slow it means it 100% at 5MBps.

  2. Similar thing has happened to my laptop. though it is not a glass screen. the hinge separated from the screen cover.
    The whole screen bezel cover along with screen came out, twisting it and damaging the screen. Lenovo is using cheap materials for manufacturing.

  3. Exactly. I purchased a IdeaPad 330 last month. After a few weeks, the PgDn(down arrow) key just popped off. I took it to the service center and inspite of it being under warranty, they demanded ~5k the replace the keyboard.

    Horrible service coupled with usage of cheap quality materials. Never buying a Lenovo again!

  4. Lenovo offers products at very cheap price… Which on later stage, turns out to be a disaster. I own a Lenovo laptop with adp warranty for 3 years which cost me 8000 extra.. but their service was pathetic…

    I had to file a case in consumer court to claim my accidental damage service.

    But anyway, my laptop is z51-70 8 GB ram, 4 GB graphics, i7 5th generation, full hd LED display, 3d camera..

    But it’s performance is not as good as it’s specification..

    So guys, avoid Lenovo in every field…

  5. Lenovo laptop is nothing, only fake promises. Quality is very cheap and very slow systems compared to other brands in same price.
    I brought Lenovo laptop latest modal last year i.e. IdeaPad 330s, i5 but its very slow than my old Sony Vaio i3. They promised battery backup up to 7 hours but in actual it’s only 3 -3.5 from day one.
    Moreover, the major problem with Lenovo laptops is keyboard that is not good at all. I listened from evrevery that keyboard is very bad and you will face the problem within 6 months that comes true with my new laptop.
    Next time I will never buy a Lenovo laptop. It was my mistake 😭

  6. The Lenovo (india) website has false and misleading advertising about ideapad d330 having active pen compatibility but it doesn’t.

  7. Don’t spread wrong words as Lenovo selling best technologies at affordable price point to common people of India , Look example of JIO Telecom compare to other Networks in India , Lenovo is India’s No.1 IT Brand width Best Quality & Service

  8. Hey, same thing happened to my ideapad 320e.. funny thing is lenovo had motherboard that will only replaceable with cpu amd gpu… I mean both are integrated in to one chip… That cost more than 25000… Thats funny right… You can have new laptop with warranty instead of piece of shit lenovo.. never going tk buy lenovo products

  9. i had lenovo keyboard changed at 2200 in 2013. the keys q and w had to press harder than rest and they refused to replace saying nothing was wrong…..

  10. These are the real facts, and top of this service center’s are masters in making bizarre comments and blaming all on customers.

  11. Ditto with the Yoga 710 here. I bought thar laptop in November 2016, and the hinge broke three months later in February 2017. The local service centre opener the laptop all the way, leading to a screen with huge cracks all over it. The service centre refused to acknowledge that they had mishandled the product, with forced me to write to Lenovo’s Kerala head. A top level intervention ensured that I got a fresh unit of the same laptop imported in April 2017. However, fast forward 18 months and the same hinge problem struck the new laptop. I finally gave up on Lenovo and bought the Dell XPS 13 (which was my original choice in 2016 before I bought Lenovo). Using the XPS for nearly a year now, and I couldn’t be happier.