Best Budget Phones Under 30,000 Rupees : (September 2019)


    It has been an exciting few weeks in the smartphone world, especially here in India with price drops all around for the festive season. So, we thought the time is now apt to conclude our best budget phone series of 2019 with the sub 30,000 rupee price bracket. There’s something here for everyone, right from yesteryear Android flagships to iPhones! Let’s get started!

    Asus ZenFone 6Z

    The quirky all-rounder.

    Yes, this addition surprised even us! Asus has always been about offering phenomenal value in their faux flagships in competition with OnePlus’ offerings. Guess what? They’ve always fallen short in some regard with their Chinese counterparts, except this year of course. The Asus 6Z is a phenomenal phone for the price and has the most interesting camera functionality here as well. With a fancy swinging primary camera that doubles as a selfie shooter and allows you to take slick pans in your videos, the 6Z comes loaded with plenty of goodies that put OnePlus’ boring 7 to shame.

    Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro

    What an amazing phone for 25,000 Rupees! I’ve been testing out this phone for a better part of this week courtesy of Xiaomi, and I must say I’m very impressed! This phone doesn’t get a lot wrong spec or hardware wise and is definitely the best looking phone on this list. Add to that the stellar HDR AMOLED display that goes toe to toe with the OnePlus 7 and stellar pricing, the K20 Pro is the budget flagship to beat in 2019! The only area where the K20 Pro falls short in comparison to the other phones on this list is in terms of camera performance. It isn’t by any means bad, but the OnePlus 7 just produces more consistent results. Stay tuned to our mobile page for our detailed camera shoot-out!

    iPhone 7

    The 3 year old beast!

    What’s a 3-year-old phone doing here you ask? Well, for starters the A10 chip on board the iPhone 7 still performs better than most Snapdragon 845 phones and is only slightly inferior to current-generation 855 phones. Obviously it isn’t fair to compare iOS to Android, but you can easily expect the 7 to last another 3 years with timely iOS updates that’ll keep the phone nice and snappy. The only downer with this phone is the okayish 750p display that just doesn’t stand a chance among the AMOLED displays on this list. This phone is the perfect choice for consumers hoping to make the jump to iOS without breaking the bank. Be wary of the horrible battery life though!

    OnePlus 7

    Severe PTSD.

    Despite being the most boring phone on this list, the 7 stands tall amidst the Avengers roaring with a glorious voice, “I’m inevitable!” Poor Thanos reference aside, the OnePlus 7 despite looking exactly like the 6T, is a safe upgrade in all respects. It’s a solid performer on the display and camera front whilst staying snappy with the latest 855 SoC. A total no-brainer for all previous OnePlus owners who want to stay amidst their growing fraternity just a bit longer and experience stock Android as it should be! Undoubtedly the phone with the best camera in the budget phones under 30,000 Rupees list.

    The inevitable.

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