Intel Gen11 iGPU for 10nm Ice Lake-U CPU Leaked on SiSoftware


    Intel may be about to lose a major chunk of its CPU share with the advent of the 7nm Zen 2 based Ryzen 3000 processors, but that doesn’t mean the company can’t explore other shores. This holds especially true for the GPU market where competition has waned, and most gamers are complaining about the “NVIDIA tax” and more recently, looking at the Radeon VII, AMD doesn’t seem to be doing much about it. Intel’s Xe graphics cards might just be wake up call these old rivals need. Before the discrete GPUs from Raja Koduri and his team make an appearance, we’ll be seeing the Gen11 Ultra HD Graphics (iGPU) that’ll be paired with the 10nm Ice Lake-U (mobile) chips in the coming months, maybe even at Computex next week.

    Intel Gen11 iGPU

    We’ve already shared a good deal of benchmarks of both the Ice Lake CPU as well as the Gen11 iGPUs, but today the top-end Gen11 GT2 that’ll power the Intel Iris Plus Graphics 950 has been spotted on SiSoftware. The said chip will be Intel’s most powerful graphics processor till date with a total of 64 Cores or Execution Units (EU) clocked at 1.1GHz, along with 512KB of shared local memory and 1MB of L2 cache (as per the test).

    Intel Gen11 iGPU

    The Intel Iris Plus 950 iGPU scores 478.81Mpix/s in the Graphics Processing (GP) test and gets a rank of #2,478 in the SiSoft database, making it faster than 93.45% of all the results. Like the Gen9 iGPU, the one to be paired with Ice Lake-U will have a TDP of 60W and just one slice. However, compared to the former’s 3, it’ll pack a total of 8 sub-slices making it a significant upgrade over its predecessor. The fastest Iris Plus graphics processor at the moment has a total of 24 EUs or shaders. The Gen11 graphics will be the first product made by Intel’s new Visual Technologies Team and is expected to debut in the third quarter of 2019 along with the 10nm Ice Lake-U processors. As a measure of how potent the Gen 11 iGPUs will be, let’s just say they will make lower end dGPUs like the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 and perhaps even the MX250 obsolete.

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