Intel helps DC deliver a Batman Mixed Reality Experience for fans


    AT&T, Ericsson, and Intel are collaborating with Warner Brothers owned DC, to give fans an immersive experience into a Batman vs Scarecrow battle. At MWC19 Barcelona, these tech giants will make use of 5G powered mixed reality, to provide an action-packed involvement to its visitors.

    The 5G technology, coupled with cutting-edge computing, allows users to virtually explore a location-based mixed reality experience. The technologies of virtual and augmented reality have come a long way, paving the path towards more engaging forms of media and entertainment. But these technologies have always been limited due to being tethered. Not anymore, as 5G will allow its users to interact in the environment while being mobile.

    This demonstration will run on a fully integrated 5G network enabled by Intel Xeon Scalable processors and the Intel 5G mobile Trial platform. This new solution offers a high-quality experience, through a secure and efficient network.

    These demonstrations are built upon an exhibit by the University of Southern California, where students were given the opportunity to acquaint themselves with a context-aware, mixed reality experience.

    “5G will change how we create and engage with entertainment, making it possible to virtually transport into new worlds of imagination and possibility,” said Barbara Roden, Vice President of Network Experiences, AT&T.

    “The low latency of 5G in combination with distributed cloud unlocks a world of possibilities in mixed reality, allowing for a more realistic and immersive entertainment experience,” said Kevin Zvokel, Vice President, Networks, Ericsson North America.

    Some of the features of 5G include low latency and high bandwidth alongside speed and scalability of data-centric technologies. This collaboration is an example of one of the endless possibilities of 5G. This demonstration will be available in both the Ericsson booth (#2O60 in Hall 2) and Intel booth (#3E31 in Hall 3) in Fira de Barcelona.

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