Intel 10th Gen CPU Lineup Leaked: 10nm Ice Lake-U With Gen11 iGPU in June

A while back Intel’s mobile and desktop lineups were leaked. Now, prominent Twitter leakers have shared the first details regarding the company’s 10 Generation lineup. Based on two architectures, namely the 10nm Ice Lake-U and the 14nm Comet Lake-U, the next-gen Core processors from Intel are speculated to launch in Q2/Q3 of 2019.

As you might have already noticed, these are both mobile chip families, with Ice lake-U expected first in June, and Comet Lake-U sometime in the third quarter. The former will leverage Intel’s much awaited 10nm node, and is rumored to launch in limited quantities, with the latter making up for that. The basic specs and naming scheme of the 10th generation Intel Core CPUs have been leaked, and include six Ice Lake chips and four Comet lake. Since the 10nm parts are going to be limited, this is probably the whole of the lineup, but Comet Lake might see more offerings rolled out through 2020.

Intel 10th Gen Ice Lake-U:


Only one i7 chip has been mentioned and it’ll probably be the top-end Ice lake part with four cores, and base and boost clocks of 1.3GHz and 3.9GHz, respectively.

Core i5s and i3:

  • Core i5-1035G7
  • Core i5-1035G4
  • Core i5-1035G1
  • Core i5-1034G1
  • Core i3-1005G1


INtel 10th Gen Ice lake CPU

Just like the i7 processors, the i5s are also supposed to be quad-core with slightly lower clocks (base of 1.2GHz and 3.5+GHz boost). The lone i3 is going to be a dual-core offering with base and boost clocks of 1.2 and 3.4GHz, respectively. Now for the new naming scheme. The Ice Lake-U chips are expected to launch with the Gen11 iGPU from the Visual Technologies Team, lead by Raja Koduri, so that’s probably what the G stands for, with the 7 (64 EUs), 4 (48 EUs) and 1 (32 EUs) referring to the hierarchy.

Comet Lake-U:

  • Core i7-10710U
  • Core i7-10510U
  • Core i5-10210U
  • Core i3-10110U

The Comet Lake-U designs seem to adhere to the traditional naming scheme and will most likely stick to the older Intel UHD graphics. Only four processors are known at the moment, namely two i7s and i5s each and one i3. The 10710U is a hexa-core part while the rest of the i5s and the other i7 are quad-core. The base clock is somewhat mild for the 6-core flagship at 1.1GHz and a boost of 4.6GHz (1 core). The remaining CPUs have much higher base clocks ranging from 1.6 to 2.1GHz for the dual-core i3. It’s important to note that all the 10th Gen processors are hyper-threaded with a TDP of 15W.

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