Concept Art for Final Fantasy XV DLC Shows an Alternate, Happier Ending

    Final Fantasy XV

    Final Fantasy XV was supposed to receive four additional pieces of DLC after the recently released “Episode Ardyn” but unfortunately, their development was met with the axe at the hands of Square Enix.

    Below are pieces of concept art from the Final Fantasy XV Artbook as well as an outline of the cancelled episodes, both of which can be found here:

    Final Fantasy XV Concept Art

    “1. Luna from Episode Luna. The Draconian recovered her body with power of daemon and revived her to fulfill the new mission. She has the power of daemon like Ardyn.”

    “2. Episode Noctis, the last Battle Concept Art. The player has to switch character between Ardyn, Luna, Noctis, Aranea to defeat Bahamut. With Prince, Oracle, Female Dragonian, Mysterious man, they are party of 4 characters just like traditional JRPG”

    “3. The Reunion. After Bahamut was defeated. When the dawn come, Luna wake up and alive again. (By power of Gentiana/Shiva)”

    “4. The Funeral for Ardyn, as the Founder King of Lucis.”

    “5. Luna and Noctis stand behind Ardyn’s coffin. It’s just empty coffin with his hat above.”

    “6. The Ending Image, the name of two children are….. it’s leave to everyone imagination.”

    Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn

    And that’s that, a glimpse of a story that we’ll probably never see come to fruition. Even though it would have ultimately been a non-canonical end, it still would have been nice to have seen this, far more favourable, outcome for the cast of Final Fanatsy XV.

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