IMDb Launches Its Own Video Streaming Service for Free

    IMDb, the popular database related to films and tv has launched its own free streaming service, Freedive. The service is backed by Amazon.


    IMDb, the world’s largest database for information related to films and TV, has joined the streaming wars! The company recently announced the launch of Freedive, a new and free streaming service. While only available in the US for now, the service will give users access to a multitude of movies and television shows.

    Amazon IMDb freedive
    Amazon IMDb freedive, image courtesy of Variety

    While most of these are slightly older titles, it’s hard to complain about seeing as it is free. The service is available to IMDb users, as well as Amazon (including Fire TV) users. Currently, the service is supported through ads. While Amazon (the owners of the database) hasn’t commented on the business plan it intends to use, it’s fair to assume that the service may adopt a subscription-based ‘premium’ plan in the future.

    You can find more information about Freedive on the official FAQ page here.

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