How to Start Your Fantasy Cricket Journey on Platforms like Howzat


    Fantasy sports is a new phenomenon that has gained a lot of popularity in India. In recent times, the sports viewing experience has been upgraded as the fans have an adrenaline rush every time their favorite player walks in and scores run on the field or takes a wicket. By this, we don’t necessarily mean their idol or the players who catch their imagination but the captain or vice-captain of their fantasy side or any player on their team.

    The concept of a fantasy cricket app arrived in India much later compared to America or the rest of the western world. Nearly four decades before fantasy cricket, or Super Selector as it was officially addressed, came to India, baseball or football were pretty much a part of fantasy sports.

    When Super Selector, founded by Joy Bhattacharjya, was launched in India, the spectators were fascinated by the idea that a player’s on-field performances would benefit them. The ESPN Star Sports network launched this game allowing the selection of a team of 11 players out of the total 22 who were playing on the field and it was an instant hit. But the excitement didn’t last long and Indian cricket fans had to wait for another decade before fantasy cricket had a renaissance and needless to say, it hasn’t looked back since.

    The rise in online transactions and the monetisation of fantasy cricket was the reason for the meteoric rise of the industry in India. Currently, there are over 40 fantasy platforms in India where you can ply your trade and about 100 million fantasy users. How can you be one of them and which app should you choose? Howzat offers the best features and has an edge over the other fantasy apps. It has many unique features that are highly appealing and you can have a smooth start as a fantasy player. Right from registration to playing fantasy contests, it is an effortless procedure.

    Here is a description of some of the best features of the Howzat app.

    • Quick Registration

    Registering with the Howzat app takes only a few seconds. Sign up with your phone number or a Google/Facebook account after downloading and installing the app. Choose a match and you can immediately begin playing fantasy cricket.

    • All Major Contests

    Howzat has contests based on all major international and domestic tournaments, series, and matches played across the globe. There are a number of leagues and head-to-head competitions available on the app. In head-to-head competitions, you compete against only one opponent and win if your team outperforms theirs. You can join leagues and compete for prizes worth lakhs of rupees if you’re seeking a bigger challenge and want to compete with gamers from all around the country. You can create up to 40 teams in one contest on Howzat. However, the number of teams allowed varies from contest to contest.

    In addition to that, you can join an unlimited number of practice contests for free to enhance your skills in fantasy cricket.

    • Unique Points System

    Howzat has a unique points system that takes every statistical performance of players into account, which makes contests highly entertaining. The points system differs for different formats, so you should select players keeping that in mind. In the shorter formats of the game, due importance is given to the strike rate and the economy rate too.

    • Simple Interface and Real-time Score Updates

    Howzat features a simple UI that makes it simple to play fantasy sports with the app. Both cricket and football matches are immediately available to players once they log in. If you have created a team and joined a competition, your fantasy points are updated in real-time, so you don’t have to wait until the game is over to view your score and ranking.

    • Welcome Bonus

    Howzat offers the best welcome bonus among all the fantasy sports apps on the market. You can get up to a 200% bonus on your first deposit on the app.

    Terrific referral bonuses, as well as great cashback and other regular deals, are also available on the app. When you successfully invite a friend to play on the Howzat app/site, you get up to ₹500 as a referral bonus. Your invited friend will also get a bonus of up to ₹500!

    • “Beat the Legend” Contests

    One of the unique features of the app is the Beat the Legend contests. It is tempting to defeat your childhood idols in any format of cricket. If your fantasy team scores more points than the team selected by cricket legends like Yuvraj Singh, Irfan Pathan and Suresh Raina, you win a big cash prize.

    • Easy, Quick and Secure Withdrawals

    Your winnings are credited to your Howzat wallet once a match is over. You can withdraw the money right away or at any time or use it to join new contests and win more money. You can withdraw up to ₹200,000 at a time. It is straightforward and safe to withdraw money from this app. The money is transferred to your account in the shortest possible time.

    • Fully Safe and Perfectly Legal

    The app complies with all the rules laid down by the Government of India. The money won on Howzat in the form of cash prizes is an absolutely legal income, and income tax is levied on any winnings of ₹10,000 or more in a single contest or league. There are no bots as your opponents in fantasy contests on Howzat and you play with sports fans from across the country.

    Now that you know about the numerous amazing features of the Howzat app, you can bring out the cricket pundit hidden in you and win a lot of real cash on Howzat. Happy gaming!

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