How to display FPS in Windows 10


    If you’re a gamer, you’re sure to be familiar with the FPS, or frames per second, of a game – an important detail, as a higher FPS ensures better gameplay, with no choppy sequences. One of the simplest and quickest ways to find out your desktop computer or laptop’s FPS is to install an FPS counter.

    Once you’ve got this information, you can decide whether or not to increase the FPS with a better graphics card or reduce your graphics settings to adapt this to your favourite game. In this article, we’ll offer you a few solutions for how to display FPS in Windows 10 in order to optimise your games, such as MSI Afterburner, one of the free GPU overclocking tools available that can help to optimise graphics-card rendering.

    What programs can you use to display FPS in Windows 10?

    Other than MSI Afterburner, there are a host of programs available that allow us to display frames per second in Windows 10. These include:

    • Bandicam Screen Recorder
    • Fraps
    • Razer Cortex
    • RadeonPro

    MSI Afterburner

    MSI Afterburner allows us to discover the values of various graphics card parameters. As such, MSI Afterburner is designed for Windows and, as well as monitoring GPU within the game, also indicates temperature, the amount of memory occupied and load usage, among other data.

    What’s more, the OSD system also offers the option to superimpose this data on screen – allowing users to continually keep this in sight and view changes in real time. Another advantage of this free software is that it works with almost all types of graphics cards.


    This software also offers a free version for Windows 10. And although the number of videos is limited in this free version, it does include the FPS counter. This software also allows users to take screenshots and record the game.


    This is another of the most recommended programs for displaying your computer’s FPS on screen. It’s normally used to record screens and, using a special mode, record games. This is a highly practical app for gamers who want to record play or see how their FPS changes throughout the game. The counter is displayed in a corner of the screen, and all you need to do is install and launch the software. A free trial version is available.

    Razer Cortex 

    This is a free software which allows users to optimise their gaming experience, automatically closing all non-essential software to free up RAM and increase speed and FPS. In this way, Razer Cortex offers up-to-date information about your computer’s FPS, leaving the background chart visible even when not playing.


    RadeonPro is a program for AMD graphics cards, allowing users to optimise graphics and FPS. It is also capable of taking screenshots and recording games, among other features. To enable this FPS counter, you’ll need to select the option in the Settings tab. Together with this FPS counter, RadeonPro also offers other FPS settings.

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