Galaxy Buds Pro First Look – Sneak Peak Into Samsung’s New TWS


    Samsung’s Galaxy Buds are a pair of all-rounder TWS earphones. The Galaxy Buds were decent looking pair of Bluetooth earphones that delivered good performance at a price that under cut the like of many popular earbuds from the like of Bose and Sennheiser. This time around there seems to be a refresh and they’re calling it the Galaxy Buds Pro (well, thats pretty original!).

    Galaxy Buds Pro: How ‘Pro’ is it actually?

    The Galaxy Buds Live had gone on sale a couple of months back it was a departure from traditional bud style designs. But the rumours for a Galaxy Buds Pro model had been brewing since the launch of Galaxy Buds Live in October.

    Initial reports on MySmartPrice suggested on confirmation from Indian Telecom Certification followed by repeated listing on Chinese and Korean certification boards. Digging deeper the model name was also found out to be SM-R190.

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro in 3 colours
    Galaxy Buds Pro will come in multiple colour options. Courtesy: Voice

    Now fresh out of the oven, Evan Blass’ post on Voice confirmed the Galaxy Buds Pro by leaking some first look pictures. If the production version varies will be for us to see later.

    On the exterior, the Galaxy Buds Pro have gone back to the more accepted design of the original Galaxy Buds and refined it a little to look more into 2021. The in-canal fit is widely favoured over the awkwardly styled Galaxy Buds Live’s kidney bean-shaped design. The case looks slightly different too. The Galaxy Buds Pro are also likely to benefit from 472mAh (~500mAh) battery.

    Galaxy Buds Pro in-canal design
    Samsung’s Galaxy Bus Pro will feature rubber tips for added comfort. Courtesy: Voice

    On the sound front, which technically should lend the ‘Pro’ into the name, are usual improvements and tweaks to add a little bit more to the listening experience. Alongside active noise cancellation, SamMobile also pointed out an Ambient Mode that will allow surrounding noise to filter in. While this feature sounds gimmicky, it’s certainly useful in certain situations.

    The Federal Communications Commission in the US has been passing multiple processes just before these go on sale alongside the Galaxy S21 early next year.

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