My Hero Academia: The Movie to Premiere on July 27


    Studio Bones created mass hype among the My Hero Academia fandom at the end of last year when they announced a third season to their smash-hit adaptation of Kohei Horikoshi’s manga of the same name. And to keep that hype-train chugging along nicely, they also announced an anime-original movie for My Hero Academia. Recent news has finally given us a date to look forward to, as the fandom eagerly awaits a big-screen viewing of everyone’s favourite “quirky” characters on July 27th.

    With Kenji Nagasaki returning as director from the previous two iterations and Kohei Horikoshi openly being involved in the plot-formulation process, there is a lot to look forward to for fans of the series. Yuki Hayashi will also be returning for the music, which should get a lot of fans excited, as his work on the previous iterations of My Hero Academia has been above and beyond stellar.

    The fact that a series as young as My Hero Academia is already getting a film adaptation is frankly pretty impressive. This holds especially true when we take into account that My Hero Academia has only about 170 chapter and is still being serialized.

    My Hero AcademiaWhile the first season did make waves in the community as a new generation shounen anime, most anime fans can conclusively agree that the second season was an absolute tsunami in comparison. This probably owes to its wild first cour, which was an agreeable tournament arc (“agreeable” is a gross understatement). The hype-train chugged on merrily into the second cour, with the story beginning to get darker and characters beginning to get genuine development.

    Of course, all of this was topped off with some exemplary animation which really brought some fights to life. This, coupled with Yuki Hayashi’s excellent score ensured that people did not or rather, could not forget about this series quite that easily.

    Long story short, lots of big things are coming for this series, and this movie is definitely one of them!

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