Mod Improves Performance For Kingdom Come Deliverance


    Kingdom Come Deliverance by Warhorse Studios is one of the most impressive looking games at the moment. The visual fidelity isn’t the only intriguing aspect of this indie game. This RPG has been compared to Skyrim, with critics calling it, “a more realistic version” of the Elder Scrolls V.

    Kingdom Come DeliveranceHowever, the performance hasn’t been ideal on any of the platforms. Kingdom Come Deliverance received a 20+GB patch on the PS4, while the PC version has also been getting frequent patches. Furthermore, some folks over at reddit have proved it has been degraded on the PC to improve performance. While this may enrage some, it is important to note that this game is quite taxing on even the highest end hardware. The GeForce GTX 1080Ti manages barely 40 fps at the Ultra preset at 4K. So, the devs may have been forced to tune down the visual quality to improve the performance.

    The Nexus Mods has always been home to mods of all kinds, ranging from minor ones to overhauls. Now a modder named OVNI has come up with a mod that aims to optimize the graphics performance.

    Kingdom Come DeliveranceHow does it do that, you may wonder? As per the creator of the mod, that is achieved mainly by disabling grass wind animations, and reducing the number of shadow cascades. Some other features of this mod include:

    • enhanced antialiasing (temporal SMAA with jittering)
    • performance boost ; mainly due to disabling grass wind animations, and reducing the number of shadow cascades (except in ultra.cfg).
    • better shadows : higher res + grass projects shadow + sun can cast long shadows (down to 10° above horizon).
    • disabled rim lights (it caused NPC to glow at dusk)
    • 5 presets, including an ugly preset that focus on performance at all (visual) cost.
    • disables motion blur
    • hotkey to change presets F1-F5 for mod’s presets (from ugly to ultra) and F6-f10 for vanilla preset (from low to ultra).
    • d key (re)enable native fullscreen “automatically” (sort of… when you go right). The game switch to borderless window on alt-tab, causing huge performance penalty on some hardware.
    • Better resolution for Global illumination, avoids flickering. You can see the difference in Ratty’s church.

    You can download the mod from here. Be sure to read the description and follow the  author’s instructions. Have you been playing Kingdom Come Deliverance? If yes, what do you think about it? Our review will be up soon. Be sure to check it out. Let us know if this mod helped. Below are a few comparisons of the presets of this mod against the vanilla version, plus the framerate.

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