An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Install ADB on Your Mac, Windows 10, or Ubuntu Devices


    Well, if you’re reading this, then you pretty much have an idea of how the Android world is full of customization, and you just want a simple way to install ADB on your device and get started with Custom ROMs and Rooting, right? Here’s a ‘unified’ method of installing ADB on your device, regardless of it being a Mac, Windows, or even a Linux device.

    Install ADB on Mac, Windows 10, and  Ubuntu
    Install ADB on Mac, Windows 10, and Linux

    Guide to Install ADB

    • First things first, go ahead and download this zip file.
    • Extract it and save it to a location that is easily accessible to you (Desktop or Documents folder). In my case, I have saved the folder on my Desktop.
    • After extraction, you must have a folder by the name ‘android_tq’.

    Now that everything’s done (almost), follow this procedure every-time you have to use ADB/Fastboot:

    • Open Terminal (on macOS and Linux) or Command Prompt on Windows (Win + X, and then press C).
    • Now type-in, cd (change directory), and drag and drop the folder you just extracted to the Terminal window. (Shown Above)
    • You’ll notice that the directory has changed to android_tq.
    • From now on, every ADB or Fastboot command you use, you will have to add ‘./’ before the command.
      • E.g., for checking ADB Devices connected to your device, you use the command ‘adb devices’, now, you’ll have to use the command ‘./adb devices‘.

    One key thing to note here is that every-time you have to send a file/boot from a recovery img, you’ll have to copy the file to the ‘android_tq’ folder. E.g., when booting in TWRP using the command ‘./fastboot boot twrp_recovery.img’, you must have the ‘twrp_recovery.img’ file in the ‘android_tq’ folder, otherwise the process will fail.

    There are other ways to install ADB on your PC, but those (generally) don’t always work very well and have issues with file-handling.

    Please let us know if you’ve any doubts regarding the procedure in the comment section below.

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