An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Install ADB on Your Mac, Windows 10, or Ubuntu Devices

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Well, if you’re reading this, then you pretty much have an idea of how the Android world is full of customization, and you just want a simple way to install ADB on your device and get started with Custom ROMs and Rooting, right? Here’s a ‘unified’ method of installing ADB on your device, regardless of it being a Mac, Windows, or even a Linux device.

Install ADB on Mac, Windows 10, and Ubuntu
Install ADB on Mac, Windows 10, and Linux

Guide to Install ADB

  • First things first, go ahead and download this zip file.
  • Extract it and save it to a location that is easily accessible to you (Desktop or Documents folder). In my case, I have saved the folder on my Desktop.
  • After extraction, you must have a folder by the name ‘android_tq’.

Now that everything’s done (almost), follow this procedure every-time you have to use ADB/Fastboot:

  • Open Terminal (on macOS and Linux) or Command Prompt on Windows (Win + X, and then press C).
  • Now type-in, cd (change directory), and drag and drop the folder you just extracted to the Terminal window. (Shown Above)
  • You’ll notice that the directory has changed to android_tq.
  • From now on, every ADB or Fastboot command you use, you will have to add ‘./’ before the command.
    • E.g., for checking ADB Devices connected to your device, you use the command ‘adb devices’, now, you’ll have to use the command ‘./adb devices‘.

One key thing to note here is that every-time you have to send a file/boot from a recovery img, you’ll have to copy the file to the ‘android_tq’ folder. E.g., when booting in TWRP using the command ‘./fastboot boot twrp_recovery.img’, you must have the ‘twrp_recovery.img’ file in the ‘android_tq’ folder, otherwise the process will fail.

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There are other ways to install ADB on your PC, but those (generally) don’t always work very well and have issues with file-handling.

Please let us know if you’ve any doubts regarding the procedure in the comment section below.

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