Best Custom ROMs For The OnePlus 6 – Fresh Lease Of Life!

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OnePlus phones have always been synonymous with an enthusiastic developer community. Granted this narrative has gone for a toss these past few years with OnePlus stepping up their software game by including hot features that people could only otherwise enjoy in a custom ROM. This is not the case for just OnePlus, custom ROM development in general has been in decline with major OEMs swooping up the talented developers to work on their own skins for Android and we don’t exactly blame them. Android skins on phones these days are more customizable than ever before, thereby rubbing the glean off of the rather exciting custom ROM community. But we here at TechQuila cater to every kind of enthusiast and believe it is our duty to provide the daily fix for the custom ROM aficionados out there. Here are the best OnePlus 6 ROM(s)!

OnePlus 6
Software support for the OnePlus 6 has started to dwindle. Time for a custom ROM?

Pixel Experience ROM

This is as close to stock AOSP as you can get! The PixelExperience ROM offers you a stable bare-bones stock android experience akin to what you’d find on the Pixel. Loaded with all the Google services (including the GCam port for the OnePlus 6) this ROM is the most stable one as of now, second only to Lineage. With a huge developer community and weekly bug-fixes, flashing the PixelExperience ROM is a decision you’ll never look back on once you get used to the snappiness. If you aren’t a huge fan of the additions that OnePlus offers in the form of OxygenOS snd prefer a more Pixelesque experience, this is the one for you!

OnePlus 6 ROM Pixel Experience
Pixel Experience on the OnePlus 6!

Resurrection Remix

Best Custom ROMs For The OnePlus 6 - Fresh Lease Of Life!
Very handy customization on Resurrection Remix!

How can we talk about custom ROMs without including this behemoth on the list? Resurrection Remix is a LineageOS based custom OS (by far our favorite implementation) that has carved a niche for itself thanks to the unlimited gesture based shortcuts you can program. For the uninitiated, LineageOS is a spin-off from yesteryear CyanogenMod. (a minute of silence) A couple of the devs that were part of the original Cyanogen team are now maintainers for the Lineage ROM. All the salient features that made Cyanogen so great are still available on LineageOS, making this a very secure and stock experience. Slap on a kernel of your choice and Lineage is one of the most balanced ROMs out there, backed by the largest developer community ever! Resurrection Remix is nothing more than a refined implementation of Lineage with its own quirks and feature (*cue Doug Demuro stare*)

Paranoid Android

Best Custom ROMs For The OnePlus 6 - Fresh Lease Of Life!
Paranoid Android is as refined as they come!
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This is another feature-rich stock AOSP ROM with Substratum and Color Engine support. The themeing option are endless and PA seems to be one of the most popular ROM options amongst newbies delving into the world of ROMs. It’s both easy to install and insanely stable, with developers taking great pains to perfect every single aspect. If you’re a newbie we’d suggest starting out with Team Paranoid considering that they tend to have bulletproof support for OnePlus devices. It’s no secret that they have the best wallpapers thanks to none other than Hampus Olsson (check out his work here).

Why do you need a custom ROM?

To simply put it – Boredom. You’ve got ample time on your hands thanks to the quarantine and you’re probably bored with the software experience that your trusty OnePlus 6 has to offer. After all it has been over 2 years since the phone was launched and software support has started to dwindle. A custom ROM could give your OnePlus 6 the fresh lease of life it so desperately needs right now!

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Best Custom ROMs For The OnePlus 6 - Fresh Lease Of Life!
Best Custom ROMs For The OnePlus 6 - Fresh Lease Of Life!
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Best Custom ROMs For The OnePlus 6 - Fresh Lease Of Life!

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