Google officially teases Pixel 4 on Twitter


    Well, the game has just flipped. In context to the latest leaks about the upcoming Google Pixel 4, Google today gave out an official teaser on Twitter. Here’s the tweet.


    The leak confirms what we have been saying about the design, specifically the camera module. There is a square cut out, very similar to what leaks suggested. As a matter of fact, this same design is also rumoured to be on the upcoming iPhone. This also confirms that Google will be going for multiple cameras this time, probably triple camera setup. This is a different approach as Google has been known to deliver ultimate camera experience using just a single lens and its state-of-the-art Deep Vision technology.

    A few days ago, Lewis Hilsenteger, the man behind Unbox Therapy, made a video showcasing a leaked model for upcoming Pixel 4 phones. The models were moulds, which would be used by case manufacturers to design cases for the phones. The leaked info also says that Google will be levelling up its design game, as that is one of its weakest points currently. A more premium finish might make way into the new design, and thus its price may increase.

    Pixel 4 design model. Source- Unbox Therapy

    Since Google’s tweet said,” Wait ’til you see what it can do”, we expect that Google might also improve the performance on the phone, may add more RAM as the current Pixel devices are limited to 4 GB of RAM. Google knows how to create and keep the hype.

    The expectations from the upcoming Google Pixel 4 has increased a lot, especially after Google itself stepping into the game. Google must deliver its audience now. Last year Google had a similar promotion regarding Pixel 3 leaks when it posted a video about the Pixel 3 leaks. There was nothing spectacular that happened, so Google has more responsibility this time.

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